Creating an impact on lives through Social Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship is the only solution to the world economy, poverty, and other problems,” believes Muhammad Siddique, founder of the Global Social Entrepreneurship(GSE) Foundation. (GSE Foundation), Mass Publicity Influencer, and Entrepreneurial Philanthropist.

Mr Siddique has interviewed thoughts leaders and mentors from around the world and  is considered the “king of relationship capital and skilled power-broker” responsible for engineering over one thousand profitable or fruitful joint-ventures and partnerships in business and government.

Mr Siddique was recently a guest at ‘Pro-business Channel’, which is a platform for businessmen and entrepreneurs to talk about their business and startups in a very healthy environment. Pro Business Channel gives businesses the opportunity to create content in a 30-minute show that can be re-purposed and used for content marketing strategies for months.

Mr Siddique was invited to the channel by host Rich Casanova and Craig Williams to talk about his contribution in bringing change into the world. Social entrepreneurship is the use of the techniques by startup companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a variety of organizations with different sizes, aims, and beliefs, wiki says. Mr Siddique talked about the social entrepreneurship and his mission to teach people how to survive in business for of the fact that we cannot do it on our own completely.

Our families and friends have been our greater resources to achieve goals for life. The existence of teachers proves that we need someone to learn something. They all help us grow healthy by providing mental, emotional and physical help. So it doesn’t make sense if we think we can be successful in our business on our own. Moving on to social entrepreneurship, he explains it is about giving something back from what you receive from the world, creating an impact on other’s lives and feeling good about our existence with this practice. Social entrepreneurship as responsibility associated with your age or physical well-being. It works as long as you are teachable and you can create impact in other’s lives.

Many famous influencers of the world like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Abdul Sattar Edhi have paid back to the world. Inspired by Steve Job’s philosophy of “stay foolish and stay hungry”, Mr Siddique believes in always staying hungry for learning. He has interviewed hundreds of best people, following his mentor Alex Mandossian, who has the honor to conduct 5,300 interviews, including of US Present Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Mr Siddique has experience of conducting 20 interviews in one day. It is believed that interview is the key you get to talk to successful people and learn about their philosophies and businesses. One of these key suggestions for those who wanted to be successful is to interview successful people and never to waste their time, John Rim, an entrepreneur, once stated. Mr Siddique helps those people who want to impact when they are young and teachable to create an impact. Upon asking about his website and its services, Mr Siddique shared his life-long journey and his effort to put his philosophy of business into reality in form of this site.

Mr Siddique migrated from Pakistan more than two decades ago. Like every migrant, he was also ambitious and enthusiast to not only change his life but also influence and create impact other people’s lives. With a population of 220 million, Pakistan is one of the top populous countries having “unemployment”, a major issue along with other hurdles, in the success of its young people and entrepreneurship. About 40 percent of the educated class is unemployed in Pakistan. Mr Siddique is of view that there is actually three kinds of people in the world: one is ‘unemployable’, the second one is ‘under employee’ and the third one is ‘unemployed’.

They all start with ‘u’ and ‘u’ means really ‘you’ and what we want to do is to get the unemployed people to get them into social entrepreneurship minds so they can train the underemployed and unemployed to make it happen so that we all grow together and live peacefully. He says they started over a year ago and under the Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (GSE Foundation) on the mission to train one million of them and hopefully next one year with the platform like Pro Business Channel, the target will be achieved.

Mr Siddique further explained about the training regime, saying that young students of Pakistan already had some skills but they did not know how to present those skills to the world and connect with the communication, clarity and listening to the things and actually answering it. “We have trained thousands of them in one year and we are getting few thousands of students enrolled in our training every day”, he said.

Our training is similar to your program; this whole conversation will be re-purposed by my team. They will work on this raw audio\video by creating audio, transcription, three articles, writing a press release and then submit it to social media with different manicurist posts where people want to click and like. With the help of these links, people can be connected to business pro-people where they can get an inquiry, leads and a prospect to their servers and this is all done by my team. And what at the end makes Mr Siddique most happy is that when he gets to know that from his training, someone has made his or her first transaction either of $5 or $100 today. This is how the organization keeps on growing and soon it will reach the milestone of one million social entrepreneurs.

Now, let us all imagine that with the initiative of one kind and a determined person like Mr Siddique, millions of students and people have acknowledged themselves as social entrepreneurs, so we should all take part to create impact no matter what our age is. Let us join hands at

The Simple Way to get Reviews after Amazon Reviews Policy Change

Amazon continues to change their policies, terms & conditions from time to time and as customers or clients, we should respect those changes. This is because usually, at the time of signing contract most of the companies already tell us about those terms & conditions that they are subject to change. Amazon is a huge company with their main business of online shopping.

Amazon has a systematic approach in place for taking reviews, comments and feedback of customers & consumers about different products and services being offered on Amazon. They have put some guidelines in place for users and every user should stick to those guidelines while commenting or providing feedback about any of Amazon’s product or service. Any type of misconduct or false and misleading content may lead to termination of user’s account. Recently Amazon has announced some changes in their policy to get reviews which are the talk of the town now.

In old Amazon policy, it was required that customers should have used a valid credit or debit card and spent at least $50 in order to be eligible to write a review or provide feedback. It was also required that all the comments should be genuine, relevant, about the product or service only and show an honest opinion of the customer.

Amazon required its customers to respect each other while writing reviews or commenting on others’ reviews and if any disagreement needs to be filed, it should have been done with politeness in a civilized way only. It was not allowed to advertise, promote or solicit any business or brand. Users were also encouraged to comment about some products having sexual contents so as to have better insight about those products.

Users were also not allowed to comment, post content or interact with other users in a way which may breach proprietary rights of other users. It was strictly forbidden to post illegal comments encouraging or supporting bad behaviors and habits such as violence, fraud, drug usage etc.

It was not allowed to resubmit a review on a product for which user’s review had earlier been rejected based on non-compliance with Amazon guidelines. No reviews could include links or URLs for products or services from websites other than Amazon. Customers living in the same house were not allowed to post multiple reviews on same product or service.

Now talking about new Amazon guidelines, it is clear that new guidelines are not affecting automatic email campaigns. Amazon has clarified that different clients and websites may continue to offer discounts and promotions as long as they do not ask customers to provide reviews in response. In addition, Amazon has also not abandoned or changed their coupon or promotions program; hence promotions and coupons can still be created but should not be linked with reviews.

It is being said that launching new businesses or products on Amazon will face some difficulties in future. This is because promotions or coupons in exchange for reviews were a source of acceleration for Amazon sellers which have been banned now.

Another problem being faced by Amazon users is that whether they should leave a review or not for a product or service bought a few days ago on promotion or discount and it was agreed with the seller that they would provide a review in response?

Some sellers say that still they can offer promotions or discounts on their products and services and receive reviews with the only change that they would not link it to their promotion or discount. Some reviewers who purchased some items on promotions from giveaway websites are also in a fix now. This is because they have already agreed with the particular giveaway website and seller to post a review in response to the promotion but new policy of Amazon is restricting them from doing so.

There are some people or consumers who have posted reviews on Amazon today in response to some promotional products, now they are much worried about their account status; whether it will be banned by Amazon or not? They did so since at the time of leaving reviews they were not aware of this change. In contrast, there are some other users whose reviews are not getting approved for last 2 weeks. What both of these types of consumers should do? How can they leave a review in a simplified way after the latest change in Amazon Review policy?

Sellers are concerned that how they would get more reviews to kick-start their sales as now they cannot offer any more promotions or discounts on their services or products in response to reviews as it used to be in the past? Some people are also concerned that new policy will not be having any impact on review business as when the users will buy discounted items from giveaway websites, although giveaway websites will not ask them to leave a review in response, but they would have an unspoken courtesy to leave an honest review.

So, what is the solution for this dilemma? How can sellers obtain reviews from users after new changes in Amazon policy? To get answers for all of your questions and to resolve all of your queries just stay relaxed and watch the video given below.

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Understanding Your Client Question

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When you look at level one, level two, level three, level four, level five, level six, You have six level funnel or six tiers level and each of those levels has their own client paths and have their own campaign that you are running.

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