Conversation with Investor, Adviser, CEO, Best Seller Author, Speaker Arie Brish

In this episode Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, International Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, the co-author of “New Success Secrets“,”L.E.G. Formula” and the host of Growth Hacking Show Muhammad Siddique interviews an Investor, Adviser, CEO, Best Seller Author, Speaker Arie Brish.

About the Guest:

Arie Brish serves his global clients as a ground-breaker in growth strategies, commercialization, and turn-arounds.

Mr. Brish brings to the table numerous lessons learned and best practices gained from a wide variety of assignments in different industries and across business disciplines. His business acumen includes multiple CEO & GM roles, Board of Directors, M&A, business development, turnarounds and change leadership, working with Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial initiatives, consulting engagements, and non-profits.

Career Highlights:

Growth strategies: Arie scaled business unit revenue from $288M to $710M in four years propelling market share from #4 to #1.

Change Leadership and turnaround: Mr. Brish has executed multiple turnarounds. He led a major profit improvement project of a $200M business unit that achieved a 24% gross margin improvement in two years. He also led a quality improvement effort that resulted a 90% failures reduction in a $1B deployed equipment.

Investments and M&A: Over the years Arie raised more than $100M from corporate sources, private equity investments, VCs, and government grants. Provided due diligence services. Participated in several M&A transactions.

Commercialization and entrepreneurship: Launched over ten start-up businesses. Three exits. Over half a dozen still in business. While in the Fortune 500 world, he initiated an innovation process that resulted over 40 successful products. Mentor in two accelerators.

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