Conversation with Former Carpet Cleaner Turned into Real Estate Investor Bruce Johnson from Chicago IL

In this episode Author, Real Estate Investor, Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, International Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, the co-author of “New Success Secrets“,”L.E.G. Formula” and the host of Growth Hacking Show Muhammad Siddique interviews Real Estate Investor Bruce Johnson from Chicago IL.

About The Guest:

We Empower People to take control of their Future, their Finances and their Freedom through Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investing.

“I have applied the Velocity Banking principles taught through Epic and in just a few months have created surplus cash flow and paid off my car loan and will be paying off my 30 year home mortgage in just 6 years” Hari H.

“Absolutely amazing training program! I have learned how to convert many of my personal expenses into legitimate tax write offs and have even put my children on the payroll and write off their prom dresses, school supplies and clothing on my taxes now. Why didn’t they teach this stuff in school?” Mary M.

“Over the past 4 years of working the Epic Training program I have acquired over 20 rental properties part time while working my full time career of 32 years. My future years are now paid for, Thanks Bruce” Ken G.

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