Built/Sold 4 Businesses

Global Client Acquisition & Lead Gen Authority

Published Business Author

Media Publisher & Publicity Generator

Publisher of Multiple Business Magazines

King of Relationship Capital

Skilled power-broker responsible for engineering 
fruitful joint-ventures and partnerships in business and government

Closely connected to the top experts and leaders in business and government

With Business tycoon Jay Abraham

With Chief Secretary Sindh

With Jack Welch former CEO of GE

With Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger

“When people need to connect to someone of high-influence or high-office,
they first connect with Siddique.”

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What Influential People Say About Siddique

Mitch Carson

Mitch Carson

Instant Celebrity Maker

“I have earned a LOT of Business because of my relationship with Muhammad Siddique, laser focused and straight shooter. He is exactly what he promises to be”


Raymond Aaron

NY Times Business Author/Trainer

“Siddique is the brightest and highest integrity person I have ever met in my life.”

Beryny Dohrmann Picture

Berny Dohrmann

CEO & Chairman of CEO Space International

“Muhammad Siddique has created ideas for next generation of wealth.”

Serial Entrepreneur
with Multiple
7-figure Exits

I’ve successfully built and sold four businesses, each fetching seven figures in exit value.

Real Estate Investor

Graceland Housing – Near Islamabad International Airport

When it comes to real estate, it is always Location! Location! Location!  Graceland Housing is on main Fateh Jang Road in the vicinity of Islamabad, Pakistan. The project has all the necessary Government Approvals and state of the art urban planning with high-quality development.  Mr. Siddique has invested in the project in Commercial/Residential and it has generated the positive outcome.

Entrepreneurial Philanthropist


Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation

is on the mission to EMPOWER 1 million Global Social Entrepreneurs. GSE Foundation teaches them how to fish for life through proven training and systems to become the global social entrepreneur.

The World’s First Perpetual Self-Fundraising Entrepreneurial Philanthropy