Meet Muhammad Siddique from Atlanta GA, Real Estate Investor, Amazon Influencer, Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, Entrepreneurial Philanthropist and Author

Muhammad Siddique from Atlanta GA USA is a Real Estate Investor, Amazon Influencer, Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, and Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, host of Growth Hacking Secrets and Author

Mr. Siddique is the co-author of “New Success Secrets” and  “LEG Formula“.

Mr. Siddique is an Advanced Online & Social Media Strategist and A pioneer of innovative high-ROI direct response B2B marketing processes.

Specializing in the finding, targeting and qualifying of optimal leads and prospects for B2B companies with high client and customer values.

Mr. Siddique is the Media Publisher & Publicity Generator, Publisher of Multiple Business Magazines.

Mr. Siddique has interviewed thought leaders and mentors from around the world.

Mr. Siddique is the King of Relationship Capital and Skilled power-broker responsible for engineering over one thousand profitable or fruitful joint-ventures and partnerships in business and government.

As per Mr. Siddique’s clients
When people need to connect to someone of
high-influence or high-office, they first connect with Siddique.

Mr. Siddique is the International Philanthropist and the founder of Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (GSE Foundation), the World’s First Perpetual & Self-Fundraising Entrepreneurial Philanthropy.

Al-Sharif Foundation provides free quality entrepreneurial education & training in the online mirco-jobs industry, to Pakistani Entrepreneurs. Most charities only give “fish” (aid). We teach people to fish for life.

Most charities only put 85% of donor funds to work. Our uber-innovative model puts 500%-1,000% of our donor funds to work, because each student donates their initial earnings to fund another student, thus creating a perpetual & self-fundraising model that multiplies every $1 our donors give, to between $5 – $10 in contributions.

Mr. Siddique is the founder of Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation on the mission to EMPOWER 1 million global social entrepreneurs.

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