Mastering Negotiation in Business and Life with former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator and author of “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” Chris Voss

In this episode Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, International Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, the co-author of “New Success Secrets“,”L.E.G. Formula” and the host of Growth Hacking Show Muhammad Siddique interviews CEO of Black Swan Group, former FBI  lead international kidnapping negotiator and author of “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” Chris Voss.

About the Guest:

Chris Voss is CEO of the Black Swan Group and author of the national best-seller “Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It,” which was named one of the seven best books on negotiation.

A 24-year veteran of the FBI, Chris retired as the lead international kidnapping negotiator.

Drawing on his experience in high-stakes negotiations, his company specializes in solving business communication problems using hostage negotiation solutions. Their negotiation methodology focuses on discovering the “Black Swans,” small pieces of information that have a huge effect on an outcome. Chris and his team have helped companies secure and close better deals, save money, and solve internal communication problems. Chris has been featured in TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, The Washington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, CNN, ABC News and many more.

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  • WATCH this interview to get answers to these questions:
    While making cold calls, what is the first thing we should say to improve the conversion?
    Why Hearing NO should be your Goal?
    How to deal with Liar during a negotiation?
    How to get Better offers and win at the end?
    Never ask WHY question, you say Convert WHY question to What question?
    What is the difference between Sympathy and Empathy?
    How to take care of the safeguards of the other side right upfront?
    As a salesperson, how to deal with Procurement?
    How to negotiate a better job offer?
    As an entrepreneur, how to deal with “take it or leave it” situation?
    3 things to pass to next generation?and many more.


Muhammad Siddique Notes from this Interview:

Cold Call:
Hello, This is Siddique, Kevin’s friend from Linkedin. Is he available?
Upon Connecting with Kevin
Hi Kevin, This is Siddique, Is now a BAD time to talk?
If yes answer: 
Would it be a waste of time to schedule another phone call?
Receiving cold call
Sounds like you have something on your mind?
Deal Implementation:
 Implementer on either side of the deal say, “What!? How are we supposed to do this?”
“How did you envision this in the first place?”
“How will you be involved?”
“How do you see this working?”
“How do the people on your side who will implement this see this?”
“How will we stay on track?”
“How will we address things if we find ourselves off-track?”
“How would you like to proceed?”
Summarize their answers to get a “that’s right.”
To get a Response
Have you given up on this project?
Have you given up on working together?
Example Answer:  No, our priorities haven’t changed. We’ve just gotten bogged down and . . .
Do you want me to fail?
How do I know I’ve gotten everything that I could have gotten?
It sounds like there’s nothing more you can do.”
“It sounds like this is out of your hands.”
“It sounds like you’re absolute powerless here.”
“It sounds like there is nothing I can say to get you to make this deal.”
I appreciate your time and it sounds like there is nothing you can do to make it work.
Thank you for your  generosity.
I bet that you are tired of sales people that will talk you anything that you do’not really want.
Silent is Effective PAUSE.
Yes is NOTHING without How.
How am I supposed to do that?
Question: “It’s not a good time,” or “We don’t negotiate,” or “We don’t have the budget”
Reply:  “It seems like there’s nothing you can do.”
When a company asks you to name a price. 
Reply:  “Are you making me an offer, or are you fishing for information?”
 “Alright, I’m sure you have a range in mind.”
Trust Building:
I want to make sure you feel I’ve treated you fairly. And the minute you think I haven’t, I want you to tell me.
Job Seeker Interview Question to Employer:
“How can I be guaranteed to be involved in projects that are critical to the future of the company?”
It sounds like there are some possibilities here, it’s just that you feel they’re out of your reach?
How are you going to do that?
Take care of the Negative First….
I just promise you that experience is going to be horrible and you probably going to get more of it than everybody else in the class room..
YES is nothing without how.
How would I do that?
How am I suppose to do that in that time frame.
What do you brought here at first place?
I am lucky to be talking with you all.
Emotional Currency is going to solve most of the negotiations.
Emotional recognition  a.k.a  Magazine cover
Let the other side go first.
Exactly Right.
How are we going to put this together?
I am sure that my companies are charging twice as much as I am   (Never understand the other side of desire to correct you).
Do not ask WHY questions because makes people defensive.
Change WHY questions to What question.
Example of 100% occupancy real estate building
  • It seems to me that seller is selling 100% occupancy cash cow because of disbelief in market fundamentals of future. 
    Ans: was because seller has other properties under water.
Sympathy:  I feel sorry for you
Empathy: I can see your upside in this.
In negotiation symapthy is weakness
I am sure that it seems to you very greedy here.
Start the negative upfront every time.
YES! – Okay I will do that OR  You win.
Honeymoon room:
I am sure that lot of guys like me comes, we want a room and we do not want to pay for anything for it. They are cheap, that is why they are here in off seasons at first place.
Give me that upgrade, I will be your fan for life and will recommends to whole family and friends.
Lewis Howes: Asking for upgrade
What is the chance, you can help me with this?
Revised by Chris Voss:
Look this may seems greedy of me, what is the chance? You can help me with this?
Instead of say “It is not going to work the way you have designed”
Do you want me to fail?
It seems like that there is nothing I can say.
3 things to pass to next generation:
Be Generous
Work Hard
Be Honest
Shark Tank  Mark Cuban:  (Bullying test) It is testing the behavior.
 Situation (Take it or leave it): This is my offer, you can say YES or No to this. You can not speak with any other shark. If you speak with any other shark, my offer is gone.
Answer:  If I am in business with you, you would not want me pushed around like that by some body else. would you?
  •   Mark Cuban: No I would not.
When someone asks to speak first in sales meeting.  Instead of pitching first, do this
Sounds like you guys are trying to solve some challenge here.
Sounds like you guys are struggling with something which is important to you.
I like those people who are genuinely trying to help others.
Here are some calibrated questions that Chris uses in almost every negotiation, depending on the situation:
What about this is important to you?
How can I help make this better for us?
How would you like me to proceed?
What is it that brought us into this situation?
How can we solve this problem?
What are we trying to accomplish here?
How am I supposed to do that?

The 7-38-55 Percent Rule

The 7-38-55 Percent Rule created by Albert Mehrabian states that only 7 percent of a message is based on the words while 38 percent comes from the tone of voice and 55 percent from the speaker’s body language and face.
Treat others how they want to be treated. NOT  treat others how you want to be treated. 
Do you disagree?
After showing the all the option;  Add.  Is this ridiculous that would work for you? 
Are you AGAINST making commitment for 3 tickets now?
How you want me to proceed with that?
How does making this deal resonate with what your company pride itself on?
What does doing nothing cost you?
What happens if you do nothing?
What does making a deal with us affect things?
What is the biggest challenge you face?
It seems like my company is in unique position to help you.
It seems like you are worried that my services will not generate significant measurable results.
Given up?
Have you given up on this project?
How you want me to proceed with that?
Once receive reply, then goal is to get ‘That’s right from the other party by sending
It seems like that………
It sounds like there’s something missing. How can I position this in a way that makes you more comfortable?
Cold Calling Humor
Hold onto your hats, here’s another cold call
By the way, this is a sales call, would you like to hang up now?
Cold calling tip: When the prospect isn’t giving you any information always have a go to question ready that can open up the conversation.
Example of this would be: “How are you currently tracking to hitting your goals that you presented to your executive team at the beginning of the year?”
Have you given up on taking your career to the next level?
Don’t give up on your goals!
How do I take advantage of the promotion you’re giving to new clients?
How long have I been a customer?
I’m so sorry you guys have to deal with this every day.
It seems like I said something that offended you?  OR  It seems like I said something that made you uncomfortable?
This is really going to catch you off guard. 
What makes you ask? and Seems like you have a reason for asking that 
“Do You Agree”                                          “Do you disagree?”
“Does this work for you?”                          “Is this a bad idea?”
“Does this make sense?”                           “Is this a ridiculous idea?”
“Would you like to?”                                   “Are you against?”
“Would you still like to?”                            “Have you given up on this?”
“Do you have a few minutes?”                  “Is now a bad time?”
“Is this correct?”                                           “Am I out of line?”

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