Conversation with Fix & Flip Master and National Real Estate Instructor Darren Davis

In this episode Global Social Media Authority, Mass Publicity Influencer, International Entrepreneurial Philanthropist, the co-author of “New Success Secrets“,”L.E.G. Formula” and the host of Growth Hacking Show Muhammad Siddique interviews Fix & Flip Master and National Real Estate Instructor Darren Davis.

About the Guest:

There’s a 101 things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction. Are you confident in your abilities to decipher what is a good deal versus a bad deal so you’re profitable and not laughable?
Using simple systems he developed, Darren has analyzed thousands of properties, purchased hundreds of houses, making millions of dollars of net profit for himself and his investors.
Today, Darren will share with you the 5 critical costs he always includes in order to make profitable purchases.
Over the last eight years Darren has spent countless hours developing systems that create massive income. He now takes his message across the US as a national instructor to thousands of real estate investor students. Come join him as he unveils the secrets that only a few are employing to get themselves out of the “Rat Race”.

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